Transdermal Micronutrient Therapy

aka Nutrient Body Sculpt

~Tighten and tone

~Increase body contour

~Lift thighs, buttocks and breasts

~Minimize fine lines


~Relieve stress

~Relax the body ~Reduce pain and inflammation

~produces inch loss

~supports the Immune System

~Do you want to lose a few inches or a lot?

~Are you tired, sluggish, can't get energized?

~Do you have pain/inflammation?

~Do you have immune system issues-

chronic sickness, autoimmune, HIV?


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Results will always vary, but we have been seeing 5-10 inch losses in one visit!

VeVazz - Lipo Light

with Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration



-Fast, Long term weight Loss!

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